My plan has always been to make some sort of window coverings for R.E.D.

During our first summer I tried using static cling window film (link here).

It worked great, offering privacy at night,

but we missed being able to see out the windows,

and removing and reapplying wasn’t practical.

Last year we felt no particular need for night-time privacy,

but the sun blazing through the cabin added so much heat

to our little abode.

We still plan on someday adding curtains

but as a temporary measure this year

to beat the heat so to speak

we bought some

Mylar Reflective Insulation,

a double-sided polyester and aluminum blanket

which reflects 97% of radiant heat.

It’s so effective that NASA uses it to shield the International Space Station

against thermal radiation of the sun.

It was easily cut with kitchen scissors,

and pressed into the several window alcoves,

it was really effective in cutting the blazing afternoon sun.





Our marina is a very quiet one.

Even though there are over 200 sailboats, only about 20% ever leave the dock…

a fact that I find so very strange.

We don’t have window coverings on R.E.D….

never felt the need for them….

Custom is possible but pricey

and we have yet to see any that suit our contemporary aesthetic.




I have found that being alone on the boat

has made me feel just a little ‘exposed’.



During the day, I’m usually out in the cockpit

and with the black windows you can’t see inside anyway…



but at night when I’m reading in the cabin

with all the lights on,

anyone passing our dock can see in the windows.





I happened on a blog post today that offered a solution…

Static cling window film

not permanent

offers a bit of UV protection and

keeps out some of the heat from the sun

not expensive

easy to apply


…daytime inside with static film…
my choice ‘etched glass’

I now have most of the windows covered…

(the ones over the ‘head’ and aft the V-berth will likely install custom)

and tonight will be the test…

…outside night time…

just a warm glow from within…

I will not likely keep them all on during the day

because one of the advantages of our boat is the many windows…

ten in all…

allows lots of light into the cabin…

I like watching the goings on

from the sanctity of within when weather isn’t favourable…

But tonight I can be private Kat.