This was the day when family came together

to celebrate my

sexygenarian’s milestone birthday.

There was a crowd.


There was a ‘roast’.


There was good food.


There were gifts that spoke volumes
about one of Captain’s passions….
…one, Le François, very unique…



The following day

we celebrated in our usual quiet fashion.

Champagne followed by

a supper of Francois’ favourite food.


(Will share the recipe on Sea Salt Galley Kat very soon)

I had to laugh at my sister’s comment about her own recent

milestone birthday:

“I know it’s just a number but it’s such a big number”

We are choosing to pay attention

not on the numbers

but to how we feel

and we feel great!

Boating season will bless us with at least another month

before we have to put R.E.D. to bed for the winter

so we are going to make sure we get out there

and enjoy each and every moment.