Before getting on with what we did today,

I have to comment on the Valleyfield Marina.

I did mention yesterday that it felt like a five star hotel…


when we were ready to leave,

we handed in our swipe key

and were escorted back to our Quai

…by golf cart,

asked if we enjoyed our stay

and were bid a safe journey home.

Very nice!

Boaters’ Notes

From Valleyfield to the Beauharnois Locks

there are two bridges that all boats have to pass

regardless of air draft

and there is a schedule….

…and these BFB’s

(our name for them – cleaned up a bit for you…

Big Fluvial Boats)

have priority…

But we, as small as we are,

have the pleasure of stopping traffic on two highways…


…for free…


There are two locks at Beauharnois
and we spent 3 hours transiting the two,
us and three other boats
because priority goes to the commercial vessels.
We took advantage of the time,
cracked a bottle of wine
and enjoyed some paté, cheese and bread…
so very thankful to be back in the land of really good French bread.
But on the far side of the waiting,
we sailed
a magnificent sail.


Our stop for tonight…
…our favourite friendly club,
Baie d’Urfé Yacht Club
on Lake Saint-Louis.


“Can we stop for the night?”

….and the answer is always the same…