Signs of spring…

…birds singing,

…snow geese congregating in nearby fields and rivers,

…warmer days,

…ice on the lake has melted,

…cyclists and convertibles abound,

…the evening sky has taken on a new look,




…summer tires installed,


time to bring R.E.D.’s heart back onboard!

Putting back the batteries has caused much stress in the past.

Such a tight space to work within,

one of us holding the wrench the other ratchet,

and if one of us drops the nut…

well… we won’t go there.






I can happily say all is tightly installed and we are still together as a couple.

I’d consider that a very good day.


This year we made a small change that did make accessing the batteries easier.

We installed a vent,

purchased at a local hardware store,

usually used for venting kitchen appliances,

this one in oak, stained to match the rest of the new additions.

Installed at the base of the companionway stairs,

in front of and below the battery access hatch.

It will also serve to allow air flow into the rear bilge area.




We also started bringing the beginnings of other necessities onboard….

…because there always seems to be injuries,
we re-stocked with extra bandages..
…because it’s a great time to begin barbecuing.


…and because Captain says it’s time to retire our winter beer.