Today is officially our one month odyssey anniversary,

30 days since leaving Montreal.

We stopped at Hyde Park Town Dock

to catch one of their transient mooring balls late Sunday evening.

We called the number on the water front.

Person at other end of phone said:

“I’ll row out and collect the $35”.

It wasn’t a matter of money,

but really!!! no one else was there,

and we would have been leaving early the next morning

to catch the right currents.

We moved on just 5 minutes up river

and found the perfect, safe and secluded anchorage,

for free!

So on to this morning…

Very misty and not a breath of wind.

It’s going to be another steamy day on the water,

when that fog burns off.

Our yellow lense fog glasses really helped

give better definition to all the shades of grey…

at least 50 of them…

As the sun was breaking through,

Captain went below to fix his special morning brew for us.

By day end we had reached Castleton on The Hudson.

48 nautical miles covered,

and another perfect anchorage
to finish a perfect first month.
We un-stepped our mast,
wrapped and strapped R.E.D.
all ready for the next phase of our adventure.


It seems I have reached my Blog Spot photo limit
so until I can sort out what to do
you can if you wish visit our R.E.D. sails FaceBook page here
I will post a few of our pictures there for now.
Not a very happy Kat today