In anticipation of this summer’s little adventure aboard R.E.D.

I created a map for our intended route.

The map will appear at the end of each post at the bottom of the page

and as we go we will be adding locations and pictures.

I have already added some locations but we are open to opinions

of where to stop

and what to see along the way.

Our route will be as follows:

1.Montreal to Sorel, Quebec.

2. Then we will head down the Richelieu River to Lake Champlain.

3. From Lake Champlain we will continue on down the Hudson River to New York City.

4. After departing New York we will head back north then cut across the first part of

the Erie Canal and hook up to the Oswego Canal

to eventually reach Lake Ontario.

5. from Lake Ontario we will retrace part of our path from last summer

sailing the Thousand Islands, then back home along the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

Feel free to send messages (

or add your comments at the end of this post.

If you or someone you know have travelled all or part of this route,

we would love to hear from you.

Many thanks

from the crew of