“Tell me and I forget…

Teach me and I may remember…

Involve me and I learn”

~ Benjamin Franklin

Adding to our knowledge bank this year

Francois and I have chosen to take

the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons

‘Fundamentals of Weather’

We have become moderately obsessed with checking weather reports…
and watching the sky….



…trying to decipher what weather patterns may be ahead…

Francois has secured his work station
(our dining table)….


…while I am sequestered in another location,
…according to Mr. Franklin’s quote,
it should be obvious that we are




Canadian Coast Guard came cruising into our waters today,

looking to inspect some of the club boats.

One of the agents stopped by and asked if he could check our equipment,

registration and licenses.

All our equipment and permits are in order.
…signed, sealed and safe
for another year.


THE PLAN 2014: Courses

THE PLAN 2014: Courses

Having successfully completed our first boating season,

it’s now time to start putting the wheels of season two in motion

(helm wheel that is)…

The Advanced Piloting Course seemed to us to be a good next step for adding to our knowledge base,

having completed Seamanship last year and securing our Pleasure Craft Operators’ Card (PCOC) and ROC (Marine) license.

Following courses serves to keep us occupied during our ‘dirt people’ down time

and the cold Canadian winter,

and this course in particular focuses on

venturing into new waters

over extended distances and

dealing with the challenges of adverse conditions.

And as with last year, our dining room table

will be lost under piles of books and charts

for the next 13 weeks…