Having to wait out the winter until R.E.D. arrives has its advantages. One of which is being able to look for and take advantage of post-season sales.
While away on one of his many military exercises, François visited the Canex and bought us each a good warm Helly Hansen tuque.
We subscribe to some marine supply places – both local, east coast and US-based – and in one of the many emails, a sale of foul weather gear was offered.

70% off good quality gear (Gil Offshore) in the colour we wanted and in the style of pants we were looking for was a big bonus. The sale was being offered only because the dealer wanted to unload last year’s stock. Did we really care if we had the latest in cruising fashion?
…not likely
And to house our gear I accessed my favourite go-to site (Lands End) for their great canvas bags. Again, I was able to take advantage of their frequent sales.

…black cherry,monogrammed in R.E.D. of course…