“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”
Piglet, Pooh’s Little Instruction Book. ~ A. A. Milne

With wintery cold clinging to April we felt a strong need to get out of our ‘corner of the forest’.  A road trip north and a long overdue visit with friends was just what these two weary sailors needed.


SO cold!

First a stroll through the village.  You know you are no longer in the big city when people look you in the eye and greet you with a nod and a friendly smile.


Artisan Shops



Crispy Cold Trails

A hike at 1200′ left me breathless.  Yup, I that out of shape!


Walk through the neighbourhood

Then we dined.  Oh! did we dine!  Amazing food. Laughter, tears and stories shared.


Delicious Home Cooked Meals



Brunch to Die For



Freshly Baked Croissants

A special mention must go to Monique (I did promise you your own blog post dear lady).  Thank you for sharing your sailing stories and for taking the time to find us one of your beautiful creations in appropriate colours for R.E.D.  We are all adventurers at heart.


Hand-loomed tea towel

And a big thank you to our welcoming generous hosts.

We came for the friendship but left with full bellies and good memories

…and caramels (at the time of this writing there remain just four, equally shared this time I may add).


Deadly Delicious Evil Treats (our host’s secret recipe carefully guarded as it should be)




It was an offer we couldn’t refuse.  


Pig the Navigator

We packed a breakfast picnic, brewed some coffee and headed out before dawn.


Adirondack Scenery

Perfect road weather and beautiful scenery along the way.



Achilles Tender

The chance to visit with friends and to inspect our prize – little R.E.D.


Inflation Test

Once back home, Francois couldn’t wait to re-inflate and inspect her.  She showed some signs of wear but was in incredibly good shape for an eleven year old.



What we used to clean her:

A paste of baking soda and Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds

A combination of Mary Kate Hull & Bottom Cleaner and Aqua Tek Dinghy Cleaner

My plastic pan scraper (for the barnacles)

Several hours of Captain’s elbow grease.

A rinse with vinegar and water.

A final coating of Aqua Tek Vinyl Guard for UV protection.


Barnacle Remover



12 hours of Elbow Grease

Can you see the difference?


Repaired and Ready to Go

Cover all washed and strap repaired.

I have to add a little side story about rinsing.  We live in an apartment condo with two elevators.  We had to deflate Little R.E.D. a little so she could fit into the larger of the two elevators.  Imagine the two of us dragging her down the hallway, struggling to get her into the elevator, inject a few choice words exchanged here, an expedition into the garage so we could spray her well with vinegar then rinse well with water to remove the last residue of cleaner. We dried her well with a chamois then repeated the elevator performance.  We have to really love this life and each other to be doing these things.


The ‘After’

Who but crazy sailors would proudly photo op their new-to-them dinghy on their living room table?  But she does look good.

Indeed she does!


A PIG POST – Niagara Falls 2015

A PIG POST – Niagara Falls 2015

Our little boat mascot has had quite a busy past few days.

…François and I ….and Major Pig (ret’d)

recently attended the Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons’

Annual General Meetings in Niagara Falls

representing Montreal Squadron.

Pig has made so many friends and fans along his journey with us.

(This link will give you an idea of just how far this little guy has travelled)

With this in mind it should come as no surprise that

on our first day we were asked: “Where’s Pig?”

He disappeared for the better part of the day.

…the rest became history,

forever web-documented.

Credit for most of the pictures and

Pig’s schmoozing must go to

this lovely young lady…

Thanks for contributing to the craziness.

In all his conference regalia
Pictured with ‘Captain Highliner’ and the Cruise Director Extraordinaire
Niagara Fall, USA side


Niagara Falls, Canadian side
always friends made along the way


a limo ride just for fun
weigh-in at the Chocolate Shop
($1.54??? are you kidding me???)


and a spicy cuddle with Chili Pepe
…always our little
Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons’