Today I had the honour of being Honorary Fire Pig.

Captain and Galley Kat gave a Marine Radio course to 15 members of the Hudson Fire Department and two members of Hudson Yacht Club and I helped.


The Set Up



Brushing Up On My VHF Skills



Full Classroom


Me and Donkey

Me and Donkey the HFD’s Mascot


The Gang

Me and the Gang (minus 2)

There are now 17 newly certified VHF operators (15 First Responders) that will be on the water this summer and our record of 100% success rate remains intact.

It was a very good day!


A PIG POST – Niagara Falls 2015

A PIG POST – Niagara Falls 2015

Our little boat mascot has had quite a busy past few days.

…François and I ….and Major Pig (ret’d)

recently attended the Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons’

Annual General Meetings in Niagara Falls

representing Montreal Squadron.

Pig has made so many friends and fans along his journey with us.

(This link will give you an idea of just how far this little guy has travelled)

With this in mind it should come as no surprise that

on our first day we were asked: “Where’s Pig?”

He disappeared for the better part of the day.

…the rest became history,

forever web-documented.

Credit for most of the pictures and

Pig’s schmoozing must go to

this lovely young lady…

Thanks for contributing to the craziness.

In all his conference regalia
Pictured with ‘Captain Highliner’ and the Cruise Director Extraordinaire
Niagara Fall, USA side


Niagara Falls, Canadian side
always friends made along the way


a limo ride just for fun
weigh-in at the Chocolate Shop
($1.54??? are you kidding me???)


and a spicy cuddle with Chili Pepe
…always our little
Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons’




After several days of real spring weather we are encouraged…
Our club is now officially open…
We have electricity…
We have water…
We have showers…
…Major Pig is out of uniform…


… for a visit to Shawshank to break out our gear…
…and to sort out what to bring back to R.E.D. …
…water on the lake is receding…


…time to remove the stern tarp so R.E.D. can breathe…


…everything seems right again in paradise…


…the essentials…
V-berth cushions in place because you KNOW that Captain and the Galley Kat
(and the Pig)
will be sleeping onboard at the earliest possible moment.