From time to time it becomes necessary to fulfill land-based commitments.
Today was one of those days – François had an out-of-town work-related event,
so I decided to go to our land home and do stuff…
a bit of shopping, doing laundry, paying bills (least favourite), and cooking.
It was a rainy no-wind morning anyway
(but we have found that even a rainy no-wind day on the boat is better than a rainy no-wind day anywhere)
So – now bills are paid, laundry done and packed to go back.
Time to cook….
I love my kitchen
(I guess I can call it mine since I spend more of my time there than François –
although he is an excellent and creative cook)…
Our little galley kitchen is fun and easy to work in
but there are things I definitely miss about home …
Our superb coffee machine –
mindless until those coffee molecules kick-start my brain
one button ‘on’, one pre-programmed button to grind and brew
(the Aeropress onboard is a darn close second…but more than one step is hardly mindless)…
and the ever-changing view while I create…
(now that one is debatable as nothing in this world can compare with the magnificent sunrises and sunsets on the water – each day equally as unique as the next)
…today’s forecast – wet!
I love to cook, love to plan meals and entertain events.
This is when, in the cool comfort of a well stocked air-conditioned environment,
all my best-intentioned provisioning strategies go flying out the window.
I quickly forget that back on the water with the one burner alcohol stove
and tiny sink with questionable plumbing
in the midst of searing humid 40 ° C conditions, simple is always better.
That being said I tried to create things today that will make meals simple…
…some of my favourite Gazpacho – cold, no heat required…
…some Chili Beer Cheese Bread to go with…
(also great toasted for breakfast)
…some Sprouted Grains, Broccoli & Cheese Bites…
great for nutritious pick-up snacks underway…
(also steamed some extra grains for another meal onboard)…
…some North Croatian Dill Sauce
(not sure why it’s particularly Croatian or even north of
but it will go well with the third and sadly final portion of
Rainbow Trout that a colleague of François gave us.
All done, packaged and ready to go back ‘home
extras stashed away in the freezer for next day of obligations
Time for the galley Kat to open a bottle of wine, sip and post…
I DO NOT miss having to clean up a sink full of dirty dishes
but I DO miss really fast internet.
See you all back on the water…
P.S….will share recipes later


…and so it begins
the cuts…
the bruises…
Oh the bruises! I can hear my doctor now:
“Is everything OK at home, Kathy?
And what a workout!
We both feel as though
we have been going through boat boot camp:
mast press, deck squats, bicep heave, tricep ho
Plus, I need to get back to my yoga roots for improved flexibility.
I’m not the fore-deck monkey I used to be.
A DVD recently purchased should help…
Kim Hess’ Yoga Onboard
No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked

Nice long weekend for most but for us it’s more studying. We now have the take-home portion of our Seamanship Course exam in hand. Lots of course plotting details that bring together all that we have learned in the past several weeks.



But as always, we find a way to make it as pleasurable as possible. Martinis and sushi.

…a very

‘Good Friday’


…must be careful not to confuse my chopsticks with my dividers though…