Well folks, we finally extracted ourselves from our little camping at home location.  Provincial and private camp grounds have been allowed to open here with some restrictions.  We had booked this first place a while ago for the May long weekend and they are now accepting us with open arms.  It’s great being on the front edge of the season because we had the whole place to ourselves for the first three days…literally, no other campers on site. Waaaay down that field is us.


F’s request for this location, his first ever trailer camping experience, was ‘give me an unimpeded view of the ocean’, so I asked for site 313….and we were not disappointed.

The View

Once settled in we walked down to the ‘beach’…loosely named.  It was an impressively beautiful and colourful example of Cambrian period rock formations

Rock Beach

A short hike around the camp ground brought us to yet another rocky arrangement which looked like it had been upended by some giant force

Rock Formations

At cocktail hour we sat and reminisced about the times we were anchored off shore…over there, there, and there.   The comparison of the sea anchor drop versus how we anchor on land was curiously similar without the obvious storm worries…although that night we had a mighty nor’easter blow through.  Our little RED II held fast throughout the night though.

Stories at Sunset

Camping meals are simple nowadays. I prepare as much as I can in advance of departure.  First night is usually simple and light and the rest is barbecue grill with little additions we  find from day time outings.

Evening Picnic

Our second day we walked the hiking trail to the Ovens….caves carved  by waves from ancient rock along the Atlantic shore line.


The Hike

Down to the Sea

Cannon Cave

Into the Depths

Tucker’s Tunnel

Day three we ventured out along the back  roads to explore the country side.  I’m not at all comfortable biking on public roads but thankfully traffic was light.

Easy Rider

The Ride

In the afternoon we drove to find three lovely beaches.

Oxner Beach

Hirtle’s Beach

Sand Dollar Beach

Sea Treasures

I thought it would be a good idea to collect something of significance to remember each camping adventure.  Since we are restricted to local travel for now, supporting local enterprises and artisans is our focus.  In a small shop in Lunenburg F found this little treasure which now sits happily in our camper as a reminder of our visit to The Ovens.


Well, that’s all for now folks.  It’s mostly a picture story this time.  We’ve noticed there is so little drama when you land ‘sail’…just little wind here and there but that’s about it.

As always, we are thankful when you drop by.  Please come back soon as we have another outing planned soon.  Another corner of our world to explore.  Another adventure for little RED II and her crew.

Peace and love…..



This isn’t what I thought it would.  No not at all. But there you have it.  We, in our little home on the east coast in the province that everyone was calling the ‘safest place’ in North America (if not the whole world…although I think New Zealand can claim that title), are now in a province-wide lock down.  It’s all for the best though. We were never promised a quick resolution and with science evolving in real time we should never have expected it to be anything other that what it is. People from away are entering and not self-isolating as required and there are a few just generally not behaving.

F and I now have our first dose of vaccine , with the second scheduled a bit down the road… which doesn’t really change much for us.  Our first reserved camping trip is coming up soon…but I’m not sure that will happen when expected.  We’ll see.  But hey! it’s spring and what beautiful weather we have been having!  Usually the boat would have been in the water at this point so definitely time to de-winterize RED II, our little land trawler.

Several days ago, my daughter asked if they could visit this weekend…a family sleep-over. They (2 adults/2 monkeys) are presently living in a one-bedroom 750 sq ft apartment  while they wait for their house to be built…because, as she said…she wants really nice appliances for their home so some sacrifices are necessary.  But then the lock-down struck.  We’ve come up with what I feel is a reasonable solution.  They will take over our house for the weekend and we will move into RED II and get acquainted.  It didn’t take F much convincing

Room with a View

Friday night was move-in time.  We dined on camper pizza, sipped a little red wine and watched the stars come out.  Honestly, we could have been a hundred miles from home or a hundred feet…it really didn’t matter.  It all felt very luxurious compared to our times on R.E.D.  Even if we ignored having running water and a real flush toilet it seemed so fancy. An oven for the pizza.  Ice cubes for our happy hour cocktails with a lovely view of Duck Pond.

Camper Dining

During this latest lock-down we are allowed a bubble of two consistent social encounters. We have our Hooligan cohorts but they each have there own bubbles and cross contaminating (couldn’t think of another term) is not encouraged.  My daughter, her husband and two kids have been our consistent family bubble since last year so we chose the two monkeys to be our ‘plus two’.  Two parents working from home since last year  and two little ones  now ‘enjoying’ online schooling, so we thought this would be the least of the worst case risks.  The kidlings are allowed to visit us in the camper and when things go sideways we can happily send them back to Mom and Dad.

Breakfast with the Monkeys

We haven’t quite come to terms with having ‘guest’ sleepovers but dropping the couch into a bed as a demonstration of what could be, brought squeals of delight.

Super Cool Bed

So that’s it folks.  Camping without having gone anywhere was a complete and absolute success.  As my little family packed up to vacate RED by the SEA, amazingly leaving it cleaner then when they had arrived, my son-in-law asked if I have a new list of ‘wants’ or ‘needs’ after this weekend. Nope, we are deemed complete.  Nothing more needed.

Update as of this writing: numbers of COVID cases continue to creep up so I expect our first scheduled away camping trip might be postponed yet again with an extension of the current two-week locked down a possibility.  We enjoyed this weekend so much in our cosy little cabin on wheels that it’s doubtful it will matter much.

During our weekend of isolation, F continued to ‘work’ in the Crow’s Nest caring for his special plants. We did some outdoor gardening and even took a walk to Gramma Beach…all to keep within Public Health protocol.  Life goes on as usual.  We remain safe and don’t feel cheated at all.  F even suggested moving RED II to another spot in our yard so maybe our next camp-out will come with a new view.

Thanks for stopping by.  Sending virtual hugs to you all. Be safe and well.

Peace and love!



Well!  If the kids can have their spring break than so can we…even if it was just an over-nighter.  An offer to join friends at a cabin right on the ocean’s edge was far too good to decline. There’s still the dreaded virus among us but our friends are part of our consistent ten-person bubble and we felt good supporting a local sea-side resort.

Seaside Paradise 2021

We have so many treasures to explore  near by and this one was no exception.  Last time we had visitors from away, what now seems like a life-time ago, we drove here for a bite, a sip of wine and a tour of a local sculpture garden.  Even on the edge of winter it was spectacular.

Sculpture Garden 2019

We lounged in the ‘bunny’ chairs and soaked up the warm sunshine for a brief while  then walked the expanse of white sandy beach.

#greatday 2019

This time we stayed in a seaside cottage and at night I opened the bedroom window and the soothing sounds of waves lulled us to sleep.

Room with a View 2021

And of course the bunnies were ever present following us and begging for treats.

Easter Bunny 2021

A warm  afternoon sunset and chilled bubbly on the balcony of our cabin with our friends was the perfect way to welcome spring.

Cheers 2021

Thanks for stopping by. We have our first camping expedition coming in a few weeks so check back with us to see how we transition from time away on the water to time away by the water.  How hard could it be?

Peace and love….