Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Cider or malt vinegar
(we prefer this to soya sauce)
Dijon mustard
(François insists it has to be Maille)
(I know this is kind of cheating but less mess than fresh)
Wasabi powder
Pepper corns
Course sea salt
…holds a small quantity of six different seasonings…
(my preserving method)
…Choose the freshest ginger available.
Simply peel and slice ginger and immerse in a jar of vodka or sherry.
This has a dual purpose:
Firstly, it keeps seemingly forever,
staying firm until ready to use.
Just chop or grate to use in many Asian dishes.
…and secondly, ginger infused vodka is great in martinis
…ginger infused sherry adds a special zing to sauces
…and now that we have our BBQ in operation
a good sauce is important to keep on hand…
Frank’s Red Hot

These three containers of concentrate
(vegetable, chicken, beef)
from Knorr
are really convenient
add 3.5 cups of water and
you have instant broth for sauces or soups
Coconut milk
There you have it …
Doctor’s Bag

Not to be confused with what François keeps in his Doctor’s Bag…
…and of course 
The Captain