Hi there sailing RED folks.  Glad you dropped by because we have some news.  You know by now our dear R.E.D. has been sold (story here, here and here if you missed it) and is living very happily with a lovely family in the Yukon. At present she has been put to bed for the winter months in the fashion she so deserves…in a hanger with a couple of planes. Really!

New Winter Digs

Having made sure RED was at her happy home, we set about taking a wee break.  The plan was to visit family in New Brunswick…we’re allowed without quarantine because it’s a part of our Atlantic COVID bubble….at present, unlike other parts of the country and certainly the rest of the world we have no active cases of this very troublesome virus.

Road to Digby

The road trip to Digby was a mere two hours and so beautiful this time of year.  To avoid additional driving we opted to take the ferry that spans the Bay of Fundy from Digby, Nova Scotia to Saint John, New Brunswick.  The Fundy Rose carried us across calm clear waters in comfort and with only half capacity allowed due to that above mentioned virus and current health regulations we had more than enough space to relax inside or out. The protocol was impressively strict…we wanted to retrieve our lunch from the car but had to be escorted to and from to make sure there were no shenanigans. Even the washrooms were segregated between we Atlantic passengers and those from away.

Fundy Rose

On the return I booked us a room at one of the Grand Dame CPR hotels from times gone by – the Digby Pines.  Typically small rooms but still an elegant lady with spectacular views.

Room with a View

With lots of time to tour around we visited Digby Neck – a peninsula with two connecting islands accessed only by ferry to the final – Brier Island – a popular whale watching tourist attraction.

The Neck

Art on the Neck

Brier Island Light House

Capturing the View

Two-hundred and Thirty Five!!!

Balancing Rock was our final tour destination in the area because who wouldn’t want to hike the two kilometres across bog and through forest, down two hundred and thirty five steps for a photo op in front of a twenty foot, twenty ton column of volcanic rock balanced precariously on a ledge overlooking St Mary’s Bay?

Balancing Rock

What  I haven’t mentioned is the ‘purpose’ part of the trip…other than visiting family.  We wanted to stop at an RV dealer – you know- just to check out possibilities, never expecting to find ‘the one’…but we did. One that checked off all our priority boxes. Like Goldy Locks – not too big, not too small. Not too heavy either with all the right pieces in the right places. Just right.


The dealer didn’t have what we wanted on site but gave us a firm price and promised to search for our baby, saying not to expect a call for a couple of days but he would do his best.  Well didn’t he call that very afternoon. The 2021 version, straight from the factory, same quoted price with a few extra options included. We still have an exclusion agreement that if when delivered, this isn’t what we want, we can still walk away.

Needless to say we are really excited and anticipate no change of heart. I’ve done some research (OK – a LOT!) since our first visit to the dealer, and our baby was chosen the best 2020 camper for retired couples.  We should be able to meet her in person within a month or two but until then we dream and plan our first adventure.  I found a brief sneak peek of what she will look like if you are interested (see here).

Thanks for dropping by.  Maybe the next time you hear from us we will be proud owners of a little land trawler on four wheels.  Her name is still to be determined. We’re open to ideas but for now until we get to know her , she will be referred to as R.E.D.II



A little break from our remaining days on the water and home renos felt like a mini vacation to us.

Last year when my family visited we spent the day on R.E.D.(Story here) but now that the newest member of the crew has arrived we spent the time on land-based activities….


Our Guests

…attending the Great Pumpkin Festival…


The Great Pumpkin

…a visit to the park…


Making Friends

…the Festival of Lights in the Chinese Garden…

Processed with Snapseed.

.Festival of Lights

…and a super treat was having dinner prepared for us, easily the most delicious curry we have ever tasted.  Can’t wait to try it out in the galley.


Guest Chef

The time passed far too quickly but it was quality time.


Captain, Baby and the Pig

Family visits are always pleasant, but now it’s time to get back to the boat to enjoy those last few days before haul-out.




“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”
Piglet, Pooh’s Little Instruction Book. ~ A. A. Milne

With wintery cold clinging to April we felt a strong need to get out of our ‘corner of the forest’.  A road trip north and a long overdue visit with friends was just what these two weary sailors needed.


SO cold!

First a stroll through the village.  You know you are no longer in the big city when people look you in the eye and greet you with a nod and a friendly smile.


Artisan Shops



Crispy Cold Trails

A hike at 1200′ left me breathless.  Yup, I that out of shape!


Walk through the neighbourhood

Then we dined.  Oh! did we dine!  Amazing food. Laughter, tears and stories shared.


Delicious Home Cooked Meals



Brunch to Die For



Freshly Baked Croissants

A special mention must go to Monique (I did promise you your own blog post dear lady).  Thank you for sharing your sailing stories and for taking the time to find us one of your beautiful creations in appropriate colours for R.E.D.  We are all adventurers at heart.


Hand-loomed tea towel

And a big thank you to our welcoming generous hosts.

We came for the friendship but left with full bellies and good memories

…and caramels (at the time of this writing there remain just four, equally shared this time I may add).


Deadly Delicious Evil Treats (our host’s secret recipe carefully guarded as it should be)