PROVISIONING: Kat’s General Plan

PROVISIONING: Kat’s General Plan

Over the past year I have read several boat-related books
provisioning, galley meals, one-pot cooking,
even about camping and RV life…
…my favourite galley book…
I also have the Kindle version of The Boat Galley Cookbook
It’s filled with lots of useful tips and recipes.
I’ve also perused countless blogs for ideas – too many to list
Some really appealed to me…
(the simplicity of grilled veggies and BBQ, moonlight cocktails with delectable appetizers)
Some not so much…
(all you need is a good can opener)
The reality of our limitations onboard
(teeny galley, limited space)
has forced me to dial down my dining expectations quite a bit
putting me somewhere between gourmet feasts and the can opener.
Some say it isn’t important to have a provisioning meal plan.
Some say it’s essential…
the latter appealing to my Kat sensibilities.
I could make a meal plan from here to infinity and beyond – no problem.
I find so many yummy looking recipes and want to try them all,
right now!
As with the previous post on Finding the Limiting Factor,
I have tried to distill what is necessary,
what is possible,
what is practical.
So here’s my plan of attack:
Determine number of days onboard
Make the menu plan
(Kat’s Rule of Thumb: number of days + 20% contingency
(weather, navigation, just plain having more fun than expected can increase time away)
Make list of ingredients
Shop for necessities
Chop, grind & cook as much as possible at home base
Package in portions
Things to be frozen in freezer at least 2 days in advance of departure
Just a few days left before our next adventure…
I think I need a bigger spreadsheet…
MODIFICATIONS: more bits and pieces

MODIFICATIONS: more bits and pieces

François’ new motto:

‘No wind…no problem…

…after a not-so-auspicious start to our first/second/third launch,

installing a bilge pump seemed like a wise idea…

..automatic with floating sensor…


…we are hoping it is never activated


…and a few more mods to make life with the galley Kat more enjoyable…

magnetic strip for knives etc…

and by the way,

after our violent wind advisory outing

it works VERY well…


…improvements at the V-berth










…a new electrical plug with USB ports.

…every boat should come installed with these…

…because at night,

when the moon is full,

it’s nice to have a good movie to watch in bed…


MODIFICATIONS: Eliminating the Hammocks

MODIFICATIONS: Eliminating the Hammocks

The boat came equipped with storage hammocks….
They’re great for stashing things.
They became the catchall for all the bits and pieces
that came into the cabin
but after a couple of weeks
they started to look really ratty.
The appearance of disorder really upsets my ‘cat’ sensibilities
So to appease,
François spent the day installing a much better system…
…a series of stainless steel rods…
…along starboard (dining table) side…
…and port (galley) side…
Oh oh…was that last screw too long?
…Whew, didn’t pierce the hull.
…now we have a more orderly coffee/washing up area…
…and better storage for cooking utensils…
…and plenty of storage in the
dining/reading/mapping/blogging/entertainment station..
… with lots of hooks to hang wet gear and life vests…
…and our collection of hats…
…the Kat is now calm again…